Meet The Godzillavangelists


Ryan Sargent

As the diehard Godzilla fan and ringleader of the Godzillavangelists, Ryan often takes the defensive against the more cynical converts Sam and Joanna.

After rising from the depths of the Chesapeake Bay and spending 18 years living in the backwoods of Virginia, Ryan made tracks for Los Angeles. There he lurks today, writing and directing and otherwise creating strange things to unleash on the unsuspecting public.

Ryan has written about movies, games, music, and other geeky stuff for Geek and Sundry, Crossfader, and Geek Stew.  He also made the short films Heartfelt and Cactus Gold, both of which have screened at film festivals throughout the country.



Sam Schlenker

It's clear that Sam is absolutely willing to embrace his role as the Steve Martin (Raymond Burr, Godzilla: King of the Monsters) of the podcast -- he's unapologetically dismissive, vain, and can't help but ruin a beautiful thing Ryan loves so much.

An L.A. native (or "unicorn" -- as non-L.A. natives who've never seen a real unicorn like to call them), he spends most of his time editing for film and TV. He also writes and directs his own personal projects with whatever time he has left.

You can catch him in the LA improv scene, check out his work at, or meet him in person by flying to Cairo, only to get waylaid in Tokyo right in the midst of a monster attack. He'll be there--he takes being Steve Martin very seriously.


Joanna Brodecki

Joanna is the least nerdy of the trio, but perhaps a little more optimistic than Sam regardless. Her theater kid past makes her a sucker for the charismatic scientist performances that fill the Godzilla movies.

Emerging from the fabled planet of Chicago, a world of sausages and John Hughes movies, Joanna crash-landed in Los Angeles. Somehow she survives, passing as a human through her skills in performing and marketing.

Joanna can be spotted in the LA improv scene and also has a very neat sketch group called "No Boys Allowed" that you should check out right now please.