What is "Godzillavangelists"?

Ryan, a lifelong fan of the Japanese Godzilla movies, forces his two friends, Joanna and Sam, to watch the entire series with him. In each episode, the trio breaks down one of the movies and exposes its beautiful atomic glow and ugly atomic warts alike. As Ryan brings his friends further into the bizarre world of kaiju movies, they become more and more indoctrinated into the ranks of Godzilla fandom.


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The latest Godzilla movie arrives to rock the Godzilla fandom! If the level of online vitriol is to be believed, it is an event as divisive and serious as the Civil War. Does that make Godzilla Abraham Lincoln?


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The monster summit begins, and Ryan and Sam clash mightily over how funny Godzilla dropping a F-bomb might be! Meanwhile, Joanna applies the Bechdel Test and the results, for once, are pretty good!

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