Godzilla 1998 (ft. Mackenzie Marlowe): Godzillavangelists Episode 14

Image credit of Sony

Image credit of Sony

For years, Godzilla '98 has been buried by Ryan, hoping never that the Godzillavangelists would have to speak its cursed name. But when G98 arises from its tomb, our holy duty is to watch and mock its wacky ass. 

Mackenzie Marlowe joins the Godzillavangelists to marvel at one of the greatest bad movies of all time. Meet lovable characters such as the sexless worm scientist, the pathetic incompetent journalist, and the goofy coffee-hunting Frenchman! And of course, born-pregnant, fish-gobbling, fast-running GINO.

Next episode is a double feature of Godzilla vs. Monster Zero and Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster! Lots of '60s goodness incoming!

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